There are SO many birds outside this morning. So much movement.

As I sit quietly on my patio chair looking up at noisy birds in the tall pine branches stretching across the morning sky, I try to hear their chatter the way my husband does: as “a beautiful melody of nature inviting him into a bright new day”. As my blurry morning mind strives for this eco-engaged-peaceful mindset, something moves too-close right behind me. Startled, I swing around to a bird frantically taking flight from the patio lights strung just overhead. I freak out and spill my coffee.

Is the world always this awake at 7am?

I’m certainly not.

But here I am, trying, again, to not suck at waking up in the morning. Did you know you could suck at that? Well, you can. And I do.
How does one suck at waking up? Well, waking up several times and going back to sleep. Sometimes even peeling myself out of bed and across the room to go the bathroom… and then crawling lazily and happily back into cozy bed.
It’s like my snooze button has like its own little melody to my morning mind. My brain has programmed it in as the “sounds of the morning.”
Yes, yes, I’ve tried changing the ring tone.
I’ve even tried making it favorite parts of favorite songs. That doesn’t work either. I smile to the song and then snooze it and go back to sleep. Eventually I lose taste for a perfectly good song during my waking hours. The song will come on in the middle of the day and when that part comes, I feel a pang of negative emotion and reach for my phone to make it stop. Another song ruined by sucking at mornings!
But alas, I’m trying again because I’d like to become a writer. A blogger. A sharer of my words. Here. In this space.  And morning seems to be the time to do it.
We’ll see.
< Note: 4 Months Later…. I suck a little less at mornings now because of THIS YOGA SEQUENCE that I have committed to doing every morning. Yep. Every morning. And that picture is me leading some World Racers through a yoga class at 7:00am this week! Not bad for someone who is anti-structure. And anti-morning 🙂 >