My Story

I believe it’s so important to share our stories.

I do intend to share with you my whole story, from start to present. But for now, we’ll start with the most recent and pressing part of my story: my miscarriage story. We lost ‘Baby Grace’ this past summer and it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever walked through.

I share my story with you not to be depressing and sad, but because I believe there is something really beautiful in sharing our pain with one another.

Thanks for joining  me on my journey.


Someone once told me, “You want to go fast, go alone. You want to go far, go together.

This is a place where I’ll share my journey through this epic adventure of life and I’ll highlight things that have added to my journey in hopes that they’ll also add to yours. I believe this journey is one best traveled in good company — and so this blog is my invitation for us to go the distance together.

My own personal mission is to inspire and activate others to live passionate and authentic lives. I do this by offering retreats, trainings, and conversations that help us cultivate a deeper sense of purpose and connectedness with God, ourselves, and others.

This blog is my ongoing conversation with you — inviting you into my life and inviting you into new depths of your own.

You see, I’ve never met a stranger and if I could do anything (with no constraints of time or money), I’d travel the world spending time with people I love and taking them with me to places I love.
But, because time and money are constraints for the time being, this blog will have to do 😉 I hope this blog will serve as a greater conversation engaging so many interesting people I love around the world — and inviting in those I’m certain I’ll love, but haven’t yet met.

I plan to fill this virtual place with my all favorites: wise insights, pensive musings, good friends, fun adventures, reflective sojourns, yoga, Jesus, and hope. it’s a place that will serve as inspiration for me, and I hope it inspires you, as well.

Welcome. And thanks for joining the journey with me 🙂