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A Conversation on Pain

I've been prompted to write about pain ever since I gotย homeย from the World Race in 2013. I remember sitting on the beach with my parents when "a blog hit me" and I scrambled to jot it down on the inside cover of a Kingdom Journeys book. I wrote a short article on the...
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How Do We Wait Well?

Who LIKES waiting? Nobody does. Waiting in traffic. Waiting in line. Waiting for that phone call you're expecting. Gosh, it gives me a bitter taste in my mouth just writing those examples! In fact, my husband Sethย says waiting is the โ€œworst thing,โ€ second only to...
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Wholeness Journey Vlog

I am SO excited to share with you about my first YOGA MISSIONS TRIP, called the Wholeness Journey! Here is a sneak peak of what went on -- my friend Jess and I coming to you from the top of a mountain in Antigua, Guatemala! ย Stay tuned for more about our...
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What does it mean to TRY?

โ€œIf at first you donโ€™t succeed, try and then let go?โ€ Nah...thatโ€™s not the way the expression goes. It goes, โ€œIf at first you donโ€™t succeed, try and try again.โ€ You see, I have often lived it out that expression in one of two ways: โ€œIf at first I donโ€™t succeedโ€ฆ well,...
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Iโ€™m so glad you are here!
Missionary Yogi is a dream thatโ€™s been on my heart for more than a year now.
I have a passion for yoga, missions, community, and sharing our stories โ€” and this is the intersection of all those things! Our site is new and thereโ€™s lots more to come, but as you click around you will see a few themes:
  • Yoga! If youโ€™re wondering, โ€˜Why Yogaโ€™ check out this blog on the (often controversial) topic. Thereโ€™s a few videos posted already and more coming soon โ€” including a few from really cool spots like Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia and the beach in Bali, Indonesia!
  • Sharing My Journey. I believe in the power of authenticity and vulnerability to unleash freedom. 2016 was the hardest year I have lived yet. Youโ€™ll read some nitty gritty about me, and Lord knows thereโ€™s a lot more to come.
  • Community. Missionary Yogi represents aย tribe of people passionate about Jesus, outreach, and wellness. One way we live this out is onย our Wholeness Journey trips! Our first is this March in Guatemala, and there will be many more in the future. Subscribe to stay up to date!
Iโ€™m eager to dive into this new project and share more of my heart with you!ย ย ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
If you havenโ€™t yet, please subscribe to get my updates!
Thank you for being a part of this!
Sending you lots of love,
– Christina